Funky Chicken, Pickle Waffle
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Funky Chicken Pickle Waffle
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Funky Chicken, Pickle Waffle: a Fun Book for Toddlers

Reading this book with a toddler is a great experience. The funky sounds and repetition get the attention of a small child and hold it. They love to follow the simple story line and interact with the reader. This makes the experience of reading something to look forward to, which is an important part of creating a foundation for future reading skills. Funky Chicken Pickle Waffle is a great way to introduce children to reading!

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Funky Chicken, Pickle Waffle is an engaging and fun story for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. 
This story of a funky Chicken on a journey of self-discovery will delight kids and parents alike. 
Funny words and simple cartoon illustrations make reading this book for young children entertaining and enjoyable. 
View a sneak preview in the gallery now and order your copy of Funky Chicken, Pickle Waffle today!